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 2019 TEAM MASS BOYS plays all around the New England Area. Playing in Boston, Conn, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, New York. In addition to a Home tournament in Sturbridge, MA. The cost of playing for Team Mass for the Spring season is around $320 for 6 tournaments which is about 15-20 games. Team uniforms are about $100 which are reusable each season. Practice for TEAM MASS BOYS is on Tuesday nights at TANTASQUA High School from 6:00PM - 8:55PM, which is 2 session lasting 1 hour 25 minutes each. Tantasqua has 4 courts ( 3 during Baseball season). Early in the  SEASON) season ( IN PROGRESS TO USE TANTASQUA SR OR JUNIOR HIGH FOR 2019 SEASON)

To stay competitive TEAM MASS BOYS is always looking for Coach's, Assistant Coach's.
Please email Vin Siniscalchi at

Any question please email Vin Siniscalchi at

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